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The Future

Of Corporate

The innovative and comprehensive Cloud-based Company Secretarial Solution that automating the corporate secretarial workflow in second.

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The Challenges Industry Facing.

In the modern and contemporary environment, many secretarial tasks are not fully automated. Secretaries are not only required to arrange appointments and file documents but to do them efficiently and effectively for ease of access. To achieve all of this tasks and complete them with a hundred percent consistency and perfection is nearly impossible because of human error.


Introducing Cloud Cosec, a cloud-based fully automated secretarial service solution. Cloud Cosec Solution aim to provide a better work environment for secretaries to lessen the burden and aid them in daily secretarial tasks. Cloud Cosec is also perfectly integrated for all companies nationwide in a single platform.


A safe and secure storage to upload vital documents without the worries of paper retention or  security breach.

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Fully Automated Secretarial Solution

Fully automated to start, run and grow your career with a user-friendly UI. 

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For All Companies Nationwide

Collaborated with experts in Malaysia in order to provide you with the best solution for all secretarial needs nationwide. 

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Solution Features

Why Cloud Cosec

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Workflow Digitalization

Every documents you need will be provided for you to Fill Up,  File,  View.

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Digital Signature

No more paperwork needed. Digital Signature will Digitally Authenticate your Documents.

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Instant Certified True Copy

Without having to go through all the inconvenience in getting a certified copy, we will be able to generate a CTC for your document.

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Entity Data Management

Data can now be managed Safely and Efficiently.

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Auto Form Filler

Every form required for secretarial services can be generated or Curated Specially for You.

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Document Storage

Documents are stored in a secured cloud for ease of use.

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Sharing & Access

Cloud-based System for secretaries to share and access to documents anytime they desire.

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Digital Minute Book

Minute Books are made digitally as well as for less manual work where it can be created and retrieved with just a click of a button.

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Cloud Cosec is leading the market. Here's Why:

Changes can be made to suit your needs and desire.




Everything will be digitalized for your ease of use.


We collaborate with secretaries to give you the finest solution available.


Secured Cloud

A secure cloud storage in order to store the most valuable documents and data.

What You Can Do With Cloud Cosec ?

  • Automate manual signing process into Digital Signature

  • Easier collaboration with your client

  • Organize massive entity information into Cloud

  • Instantly get your CTC docs without delay

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How It Works?

Video Demonstration

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